Welcome to Lovely E


Nice to see you here.

I'm Elena, the founder of Lovely E.

I love design, fashion, dreaming and making it come true. I started making bracelets a bit by chance, like some of the best things in life, and I can only tell you that I am happy making these pieces that I hope you can wear and enjoy. For me, in each of them there is a little bit of soul and a lot of love so that they are ideal for you.

The vast majority of the pieces are handmade. I love Zamak, its hypoallergenic characteristic makes it perfect for me (the list of things I'm not allergic to is shorter than I am), and since it can be bathed in different metals, it's ideal for let my imagination fly.

Now I include my new line of natural cosmetics. After much searching, I found a company in Spain that made the products the way I wanted them: 100% natural, ECO certified, suitable for vegans and that I am sure you will love.

I just hope you love them.